Best of the Web: Hot Problems

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crazes around the web, do the craze
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Hot Problems When Amanda Black came out with "Friday" and racked over 50 million views on YouTube, we knew that a new genre of music had come to exist. What is this new genre? Songs that are so bad that you can't help but like them. Now, continuing the legacy comes along Double Take's viral single "Hot Problems"--a song so bad that even the producers of the video stress to make it clear that they had nothing to do with writing or creating the song, and only produced the video as a favor. In this genre of music, the comments are often as funny and interesting as the songs. Keeping this tradition alive, some comments beg for this video to be a joke, while others worry about America's image being tarnished due to songs like these, but we all know that the internet would be a much less interesting place without videos like "Hot Problems."

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Tags: crazes around the web do the craze