Best of the Web: Leather Mom

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The video of Patricia Krentcil talking to the local news, looking like freshly treated leather, quickly went viral. Now that summer is here, a lot of us may be thinking about how and when we can get that base tan we crave. You know, just so we don't burn on the first true beach day? But this mom was ignoring caution about sun exposure in her race to get tan. She was so excited, she even took her daughter to the salon with her. Patricia Krentcil was arrested when her six-year-old daughter told a teacher that she got sunburned when she went into the tanning bed with her mom. Ms. Krentcil fought back, taking to the local news looking like a nicely burnt piece of bacon claiming she never did any such thing. Though it remains uncertain whether the leather mom put her daughter in a tanning booth, the video of Ms. Krentcil talking to the local news, looking like freshly treated leather, claiming she never did any such thing has already gone viral. Whether or not you believe her innocence, she has sparked a heated debate around the health issues of tanning while also inspiring many web memes. It may just be summer, but can already see the Halloween costumes forming.

Check out the SNL spoof:

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