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Flying On Cambio It's a bird! It's a man! It's a Dutch engineer? For a moment-roughly five million views moment-Dutch engineer Jarno Smeets had the world thinking that man had finally figured out to fly like a bird. Staged like a documentary series on an engineer trying to accomplish this fete, the video that went viral is actually a part of a longer series on the "process." The final video entitled "Flying like a bird: Part 14/14" was the built-up, jubilant conclusion of a narrative which had started with a back story of his grandfather's sketched of a bicycle-powered air craft. Spoiler Alert: It's all a farce! The truth is that Smeets is actually a filmmaker/ animator whose real name is (supposedly) Floris Kaayk and the video is an exercise in online storytelling. Though some online commentators are angered by the "lie," many are excited by the exercise in imagination and we can see many other story tellers trying to recreate the effect the series had.

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