The 'So You Think You Can Dance' Top 20: "We Bond Over Food."

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so you think you can dance top 20 finalistsGet to know the top 20 dancers behind the scenes! There is just one thing you should know about the top 20 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance. Cambio caught up with the top 20 SYTYCD finalists to find out how they're really getting along--and handling the pressure.

According to George Lawrence and Daniel Baker, when they're not dancing--they're eating!

Will Thomas told Cambio that "We'll be out to eat and every five minutes someone will be like 'Wait, we're in the top twenty!'"

And those meals out are how they all stay calm and stay together. "The main bonding method is over food," Brandon Mitchell says. Even Cyrus Spencer says in between shows that they all "Shop, eat all and dance!"

They have to keep their energy up if they want to impress the judges week after week. And dancing is always on their minds and always been. "I came out dancing," Janelle Issis says. "My mom says I never crawled. I danced."

With the stakes being raised each week, which upcoming routines are making the dancers the most nervous? Everything from ballroom to hip hop--especially for Amelia Lowe. "Do I look like a hip hop kind of girl?" she laughs.

Are you watching SYTYCD? Who's your favorite so far?



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