'Awkward' Awesomeness: The Jenna/Matty/Jake Love Triangle Got Complicated!

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Whoa! Last night's Awkward had one surprise we didn't see coming! Awkward has become must-see TV for us every Thursday night because you just never know what's going to happen.

Last week, Jenna chose Jake--and they were so happy with that decision that they even made it "Facebook Official."

So what could go wrong? Oh you know, just that little secret that Jenna slept with Matty. And those hook-ups were on camera. Yikes.

All Jake knows is that Jenna did sleep with someone else and that she was in love with that person at the time.

Long story short--Jenna got confirmation from the Asian mafia that her hook-ups with Matty were not caught on camera (phew!) and went on as usual with Jake. Until Matty dropped a HUGE bomb on Jenna.

A bomb in the form of those three little words. Yes . . .

I. Love. You.

OMG! Next week cannot get here fast enough!

Should Jenna Tell Jake the Truth About Her and Matty?
Definitely30 (93.8%)
Absolutely not2 (6.3%)

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