Scarlett Johnasson To Earn How Much For Avengers 2?

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ScarJo set to become one of the highest paid actresses with her Avengers 2 pay check. The Black Widow kicked butt in The Avengers--and fought her way to a $20 million dollar pay day to come back for more.

That's right. Scarlett Johansson is set to earn a whopping $20 million for The Avengers 2.

This record breaking deal puts Scarlett on the top of a short list of actresses that can command that kind of salary.

To put things in perspective--Kristen Stewart once topped Forbes' list of highest paid actresses when she was only earning $12.5 million a movie!

Do you think Scarlett deserves this kind of big bucks? Did you love her in The Avengers? Tell us what you think!

Does Scarlett Johansson Deserve to be Paid $20 Million?
Yes!89 (56.3%)
No!69 (43.7%)
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