You'll Never Believe What Justin Timberlake Does for Jessica Biel Every Day!

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If you've ever wondered why Jessica Biel is always fashion forward, well, she has a secret weapon.

Her fiance Justin Timberlake, a major trend setter himself, picks out her outfits every morning!

Jess revealed to In Style that Justin is more into clothes than she is and is "fearless" when it comes to choosing her head turning looks.

In fact, Justin is so into style that he even designed the engagement ring he gave to Jessica without asking for her input! "He inspires me," Jessica revealed about her future husband.

So, what do you think . . . is having a boyfriend with a better eye for fashion than you a good thing?

Would you want your boyfriend to pick out your clothes?
Yes34 (35.8%)
No61 (64.2%)
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