Miley Cyrus vs. Adam Lambert: Who'd Be the Better 'American Idol' Judge?

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Would you prefer Adam or Miley?

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By now you've surely heard all of the rumors about Adam Lambert or Miley Cyrus being the new face of American Idol, after Jennifer Lopez announced she'll likely leave the judge's table.

Who do you think fits the seat best? We can't decide, so we created this short list of their top selling points.

In Adam's Favor:

1. He was a contestant on American Idol and could definitely relate to what the aspiring singers are going through!

2. He's way younger than Randy and Steven (who JUST revealed he's leaving for sure), and advertisers like that young demo!

3. He's the only one who comes close to competing with Jennifer when it comes to great hair and style!

In Miley's Favor:

1. She's a girl and they kind of NEED a female judge!

2. She's great counter-programming to Demi Lovato on X-Factor!

3. She already has a great SNL impersonation! (Peep Vanessa Bayer doing Miley here!)

Steven's (and possibly Jennifer's) chairs are going to be hard to fill, that's for sure.

Looking at this list, we still can't decide who'd be the better judge!

So please help us make up our minds! Let us know who you'd prefer as the new A.I. judge on Facebook or Twitter!


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