The Cast of 'Awkward' Dishes on the Secrets of Season 2!

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The whole cast of Awkward spilled to us on what you can expect in the coming episodes! We're two episodes into season two of Awkward and so much has already happened. Jenna chose Jake over Matty--but still hasn't told Jake that she slept with Matty!

But there's so much more drama, twists and turns to come! Cambio caught up with the cast and they were all too happy to talk about what's ahead.

"There's lots of drama with really attractive boys, Jillian Rose Reed who plays Tamara said. "Hello, Beau Mirchoff takes off his shirt--a lot! It's not hard to come to work everyday!"

All Beau has to say about the Matty/Jenna/Jake triangle is, "Waves are going to be made. Matty needs Jenna back and will get her back by taking his shirt off." We have to make sure to DVR that episode!

Desi Lydic says to expect her character Valerie to "have a shift in responsibilities."

Barett Swatek reveals that Ally will "literally and figuratively strip down." In fact, she says by her last episode Ally will be back to a "hot mess."

Jessica Lu warns of a roller coaster ahead for Ming. "By the season finale she will have gone through every emotion known to man!"

Greer Grammer says that Lissa will "still stand up to Sadie and we'll see the other side of her faith--and takes a few of the characters with her!"

But Awkward creator Lauren Lungerich sums up what to expect this season the best. "Season one was about 'Who am I?'" she explains. "Season two is about 'Who should I be with?'"

Who do you want all the characters on Awkward to be with?

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