Beau Mirchoff Presents the Very First and Very Hilarious 'Awkward Awards!'

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Find out the winners of the first ever 'Awkward Awards!' We love Beau Mirchoff as Matty on Awkward--but Beau in real life is just as awesome and super hilarious.

He's nominated for his first Teen Choice Award in the "TV Breakout Star" category and he did something very special, exclusively with Cambio, to celebrate!

Beau proudly handed out the first ever "Awkward Awards!" Ready to meet the winners?

Most Overexposed Celebrity: Siri (yes as in the iPhone)
Beau's Take: "Siri, you did it! You're a robot and friends with Zooey Deschanel, John Malkovich and Sam Jackson!"

Creepiest News Story: The Florida Face Eater
Beau's Take: "Congrats you sick, sick man!"

Most Exhausted Celeb: Lindsay Lohan
Beau's Take: "This is the fifth time she's been checked into the hospital for exhaustion. What are symptoms of being tired? Slurred speech? Crashing car? Take a nap, Linds, Linds!"

Most Heroic Celeb: Ryan Gosling
Beau's Take: "He's actually kind of annoying! First in The Notebook . . .then in Crazy Stupid Love showed his hard abs, hairless body . . . it's not fair . . . you're making us look bad!"

Awkward Celeb Baby: Untitled Snooki Baby
Beau's Take: "By the time you're 2, you'll know what 'smush' means and be taller than your parents!"

Celebrity PDAs can be awkward sometimes too, but we give these a thumbs-up:


You know what else is awkward? When that Goyte song 'Somebody That I Used to Know' comes on and you can't stop yourself from singing it, like these guys...


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