Demi Lovato: Teen Choice Awards 2012 Promo Photo, Demi Says She's Excited to Host!

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Check out Demi Lovato in the new promo pic for the Teen Choice Awards 2012!

Just days after being confirmed as host, the photo of Demi holding the TCA surf board is making the rounds... and she looks fantastic!

Demi talks about being the Teen Choice Awards 2012 host in the interview below, saying she's "feeling really, really excited" about the gig and is "really honored" to be a host and be nominated.

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She also chatted about The X Factor audition process, including why she and Britney walked out during one of the auditions.

The judges explain why they left the stage after one of the performances because it was so horrible. They couldn't take it anymore!

Demi said she felt uncomfortable and had to walk away, and Britney said she was just going with Demi!

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