Josh Hutcherson: 'Amazing Spider-Man' Audition Video

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Did you know Josh Hutcherson auditioned to play Spider-Man? Watch!

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Andrew Garfield makes an amazing Spider-Man, but what if another hot actor landed the role instead?

We're talking about Josh Hutcherson, who auditioned for the role in The Amazing Spider-Man.

For real!

Josh is seen in this audition video, showing off his Spidey skills and acting chops, but would he have made a good Spider-Man?

We're all in for Team Peeta, but not so sure he has the Spider-Man vibe, after seeing Andrew make the role his.

This audition tape has been around for awhile, but given The Amazing Spider-Man's amazing box office numbers, buzz about Josh trying out for the part is bubbling up again.

Josh told MTV News in 2010 of his Spider-Man audition: "You can't prepare for that and it's so big. To be on a list with some of the people I'm being considered with is an honor. These actors are so good. It's such a big movie. I grew up watching the original, the ones with Tobey Maguire came out when I was 10 years old, so it would be an honor. It's just really cool to be considered for that."

He added, "They put so many people on tape, like, everybody I know is auditioning for it and going out for it. They're just trying to figure out exactly what they want."

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