Taylor Swift: Highest Paid Star Under 30, But Who Else Made the List?

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We all know Taylor Swift is one of the hottest young stars around, but did you have any idea how much money she earns?

A lot. (Obviously.)

Forbes has released its list of the 10 highest paid celebs under 30--and Ms. Taylor Swift tops them all!

Granted, Justin Bieber comes in a close second, but Taylor earns top prize for earning an estimated $57 million between May 2011 and May 2012.

Taylor's albums and concerts are big money, but there's also endorsement deals, like her CoverGirl gig.

Justin brought in $55 million, while Rihanna landed the third spot with $53 million.

Lady Gaga ($52 million) and Katy Perry ($45 million) round out the top 5.

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