Justin Bieber Sued Because of Lady's Hearing Loss: Is It His Fault?

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Justin Bieber screaming fanWe all know Justin Bieber concerts are loud BUT has one lady taken things too far? Isn't it obvious that a Justin Bieber concert is going to be super loud?

It's no secret that the pop singer has a ton of young, female fans who can scream...really loud, but one Belieber's mom is trying to sue Bieber for over $9 million for causing her permanent hearing loss!

Two years ago, the mom took her daughter to The Biebs' show in Portland, Oregon where she says Justin made the fans scream as loud as they could, repeatedly. She's suing him because now she has permanent hearing damage from him doing that...so she claims!

Justin Bieber's people haven't responded yet, but we're sure they're thinking what we are..."is this lady serious?!"

We know we're Beliebers but really, who goes to a concert and then sues because it was too loud? Hasn't she heard of ear plugs?

Anyway, we had to get your guys' opinions. Do you think this is Justin's fault or is this Belieber mom trying to get his cash? Let us know on Facebook or on Twitter!



It's a good thing Justin can handle scandals! See what he had to say about dealing with drama here!


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