A Justin Bieber Look-a-Like Fakes Out Fans in Australia! Can You Tell the Difference?

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Fans get fooled into thinking Justin Bieber was waving at them from his hotel window! Justin Bieber is known for hanging out with his fans. The day before his Today Show concert last month, he stopped by to say hello to the fans that had been waiting outside for him for days.

He serenaded fans from his balcony in Paris and even told fans via Twitter to join him for a sing-a-long outside of Universal music's headquarters. Point is, Biebs loves to spend time with the fans that made him a star whenever he can.

Unfortunately, over the weekend, some fans in Australia were not so lucky. In fact they were outright duped.

Turns out a Bieber look-a-like was staying in the same hotel as Justin. Faux Justin took advantage of the fans waiting outside and well, check out this video to see for yourself how it all went down!

How would you have felt if you realized it was a fake Justin Bieber waving to you from the hotel window?



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