Liam Payne: 5 Things You Can Learn About Him From His Twitter

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We're not psychics, but we do like to think we're pretty well versed in the world of Twitter.

We follow basically everyone famous and have to admit that the boys of One Direction are some of our favorite tweeters.

Here are 5 things that following Liam Payne of 1D can teach you about the British singer!

5. He loves animals.

It's not hard to find a picture online of Liam holding (or looking like) a puppy. Liam loves animals!

He even tweeted out a link to Save the Arctic, a movement dedicated to preserving the habitat of arctic animals, including polar bears and walruses!
4. He's a good boyfriend.

Liam and his cute, dancer girlfriend Danielle Peazer aren't shy about their relationship. He recently called out fans on Twitter for hating on her.

Liam is very open with his fans about his relationship, which is something teen idols often shy away from! His willingness to not hide their relationship, as well as stand up for and protect his girlfriend, makes us love him even more.

3. He is obsessed with his webcam.

Liam is all about connecting with fans! He often does Twitcam video chats where he answers fan's questions! We would assume his webcam also comes in handy to chat with his girlfriend Danielle while he's on tour too.

Even though he might seem a little webcam obsessed, we're not complaining! We love that he gets personal with his fans! One time, he even recruited followers to help him (or at least watch him) pack his suitcase.

2. He likes going to the movies.

Liam is always tweeting about going to the "cinema." He even saw "The Avengers" twice! He also recently saw "Katy Perry: Part of Me" and "The Dictator."

1. He's a fan of rap and hip-hop music.

Liam's tweeted his fair share of rap and hip hop lyrics. He also admitted to jamming out to Jay-Z tunes after 1D shows!

Liam likes sharing what songs he's currently listening to with his Twitter followers, which has included everything from Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborations to LMFAO!

Is there anything we've missed? What have you learned about Liam from his Twitter account? Let us know!

Check out Liam and the rest of the 1D boys as babies in the gallery below!

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