Taylor Swift Dark Hair Color: Love It or Just Okay?

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Taylor Swift shows off a darker hair color. What do you think? Taylor Swift is showing off a darker hair color now--what do you think?

Taylor's done with blonde hair for the time being, sporting brown hair for a new CoverGirl photo shoot.

Taylor looks great no matter what her hair color, but it's fun to see her try something different.

In the new CoverGirl campaign, she shows off four makeup looks: clean, rocker, glam and country boho.

Go behind the scenes to see Taylor at her photo shoot, where she explains, "I think in life we have a bunch of different versions of ourselves and that goes with our personality... I think it's all equally different the way we choose to dress, the way we choose our makeup. The cool thing about makeup is that it can be so different on any given day."

Which of Taylor's looks do you like the best?

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What do you think of Taylor's hair?
Love her as a brunette!221 (42.9%)
It's okay. Better as a blonde.248 (48.2%)
Hate it.46 (8.9%)

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