Top 10 Comic-Con Spoilers From Twilight, Teen Wolf, Once, Vampire Diaries and More!

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What's new for your fave TV shows?
Comic Con 2012 provided TONS of spoilers from all of your favorite TV shows and movies. We were there live tweeting all the deets, but in case you missed it, here are our Top 10 Spoilers from the weekend panels.

10. Psych: We love these detectives/best friends, and we were so psyched to see them at Comic-Con this year. We learned that their 2-hour musical episode will air in October, they're heading to Mexico, and a Blair Witch Project themed episode is on the way as well. We just can't wait for this USA series to return!

9. Falling Skies: We loved having Connor Jessup in studio to talk TNT's Falling Skies, and we were sure not to miss the panel at Comic Con. Apparently a major character will hit the dust before the season's out. Eek, we hope Connor is safe!

8. Nikita: We're sure more butt-kicking will ensue in the new season, but Maggie Q, Shane West, and Lyndsy Fonesca were on hand to give us insight on some upcoming plot twists. Lyndsy assures fans that Alex and Sean, played by Dillon Casey, will finally get a first date. Exec Producer Craig Silverstein prepped the audience to expect a new Division set, complete with a new briefing room. And when it comes to any new enemies in Season 3--Silverstein said that Amanda will still be their biggest opponent.

7. Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons was asked if he was a "Muppet or a Man", Kaley Cuoco reminised about a trip to a Cheesecake Factory and the cast sang 'Soft Kitty', but the highlight of the panel was easily when the show gave away a trip to space to an audience member! As far as Season 6 spoilers--Raj is finally going to get a love interest!


6. Supernatural: Season 8 is upon us, and it looks like Sam is getting a girlfriend, played by Liane Balaban. Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby, was on the panel, but he wouldn't dish on whether his character would make an appearance. Even though the brothers were separated at the end of the last season, don't fret as they will reunite once again. I mean, we really don't think they could ever split Dean and Sam for good--do you?


5. Once Upon A Time: At the end of the first season, magic came to Storybrooke and the curse was broken. But at Comic-Con, deets were given about new characters coming into town. Be on the lookout for Captain Hook, Mulan, Jack and the Beanstalk, Herbie and Sleeping Beauty!! Also visit Singlebrooke for some more spoilers. We will learn the identity of Henry's father this season--who do you think it'll be?

4. Teen Wolf: We spent a lot of time with the Teen Wolf pack this weekend (no complaints here)! During the panel, the cast was on hand to tease secrets about the new season on MTV. Another human will get bitten and Tyler Posey wants his character, Scott, "to play guitar to werewolf girls like Allison" Wait...Does that mean Allison's a werewolf girl?!?!?

3. Glee: Remember how Rachel left for New York? Well, Kurt will soon be joining her in the Big Apple! And as for Kurt and Blaine--they'll be facing some long-distance relationship troubles. We were bummed to hear that Damien McGuinty won't be returning in the fall, but new The Glee Project winners will be featured instead. One possible cover for the new season...Lea and Naya are voting for Robyn's 'Dancing on My Own.' Meanwhile, Darren Criss is worried that Blaine might be asked to sing Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe.'


2. The Vampire Diaries: The question portion was the highlight of the panel, where fans asked everything from who would survive the Hunger Games arena (everyone picked Zach Roerig who plays Matt because he hunts turkeys) to what were their favorite scenes to film (Nina Dobrev loves the underwater action sequences)! But for Season 4 two things are certain--Matt will stay human, and Katherine won't return until Klaus if officially gone! As for Elena's vampire transformation, co-star Ian Somerhalder had his own thoughts on the subject. "Elena was a badass girl, and now she's a badass vampire girl and can take care of herself" And an extra tidbit for all you Vampire Diaries fans--did you know that Elena was supposed to turn into a vampire at the end of Season 2???

1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2: The end is here, sadly, and hundreds of fans camped out to be there Thursday morning, front and center, when the entire cast came and chatted about the movie. But before the panel started, the audience was treated to the first seven minutes of the final flick. The first few minutes show Edward training Bella to hunt deer: Bella fights a mountain lion for a deer and bites the mountain lion on the neck! After the previews, the panel shared their favorite Twilight moments, and Kristen Stewart said that Bella's wedding was her favorite scene ever. Awwwww.




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