Are Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan New BFFs?

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We aren't sure if we love this or hate this but Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga are apparently good friends!

Last week, the two of them and singer Lana Del Rey had a sleep over together at a West Hollywood hotel.They played board games and watched old movies throughout the night.

After the girls night, Lindsay and Gaga tweeted back and forth to each other... so BFF like.

Peep the tweets between to two in the video above. Lady Gaga jokingly calls Lindsay a "skinny b****!"

Lady Gaga's tweets to Lindsay were later deleted from her Twitter page. Hmmmm!

Perhaps Lady Gaga's peeps don't want people to know she's hanging with Li-Lo? Or did her fans think she was talking up being skinny and making light of a serious note? What do you think?

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