Harry Styles: Great Matchmaker; One Direction Thinks He'll Be "Lonely Old Man!"

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Aw, Harry Styles! He's apparently a great matchmaker for his One Direction bandmates, but they think he'll end up a lonely old man!

Harry, who's been linked to some older women in the past, hasn't yet found love for himself, but he's been a huge help for the other 1D guys.

Liam Payne told i93 Dallas, "This has never been told before, but when I actually got with my girlfriend [Danielle Peazer], Harry was the boy that set us up."

He added, "And with Louis [Tomlinson] and Eleanor [Calder], it was also Harry. Harry is the magic match-up man."

Sounds like Harry has the love connections figured out for everyone but himself, as Liam explains, "He is like Hitch--he can do for everyone else but not himself. He will end up a lonely old man."

Something tells us he may be way off the mark there!

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