Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' and 'NSYNC 'Girlfriend' Mashup Video is Pure Genius!

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Watch Justin Bieber Boyfriend vs. 'NSYNC Girlfriend in this mashup video.

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It was inevitable that there would be a Justin Bieber Boyfriend and 'NSYNC Girlfriend mashup... but who knew it would be so good?

Someone is very talented with the mashups--it's seamless, really.

Of course, there were already parallels drawn between Justin's hit and 'NSYNC's tune, given the Boyfriend/Girlfriend naming and even the similar theme of the music videos.

Both have cool cars, girls, parking lot parties and dancing going on, after all.

It's like a Justin vs. Justin faceoff and now we know why Bieber was ticked when compared to Timberlake in a recent radio interview (he later hung up on the call).

What do you think of this video mashup masterpiece?

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