Tyler Blackburn and Ana VillafaƱe Give Themselves New "Hiding" Names and Talk Dating Too (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Get all of the deets about their new movie "Hiding" Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn and Ana Villafane recently stopped by the Cambio studios to tell us all about their new flick "Hiding."

In the movie, Ana plays Jo Russo, a young NYC girl who was forced to relocate to Montana after seeing a brutal crime that resulted in her parents murder.

When Jo moves to Montana, she's forced to take on a new life at a new school with new people. There, she meets Tyler Blackburn's character, Jesse.

Jesse and Jo become "friends" when she moves to town but another guy also comes into the picture. You'll have to learn more about that by watching the movie!

As for their real lives, Tyler and Ana talked about their high school life and Tyler dished about the type of girl he'd like to NOT date.

"I would never be with a girl who was like this relationship is defined by the amount of diamonds you give to me...that's not my style. So if a girl is really stoked on just like a good, home-cooked meal and a serenade on the guitar... would you complain?"

Watch our entire, cute interview with Tyler and Ana in the video above! And check out the new, protected witness names they came up with too!

And from the looks of it, there might be some chemistry on and off the screen too, eh?

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