'Awkward's' Brett Davern Tells Us His Relationship Status and Season 2 Deets (EXCLUSIVE!)

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The very funny and cute Awkward star, Brett Davern, stopped by to say what's up at Comic-Con!

Totally wanting him to spill the beans, we told him to tell us something juicy about the show.

"For Cambio, because I love you guys, Jake dies in Season 2...it's true. He slips on a banana peel, straight down an elevator shaft, that's the end."

Whoa! What?

Actually, he made that up. He couldn't really tell us anything too juicy other than to expect drama...especially between Jake and Jenna.

And if it was up to him, he'd keep Jenna around. He admits, "I'm such a nice guy, like Jake, that of course I'd keep Jenna around. She's an awesome girl."

In real life, Brett's a very loyal boyfriend too and told us that he is NOT single ladies!

Check out Brett on MTV's Awkward, Thursday nights, 10:30PM EST and keep your fingers crossed for a Brett live chat!

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