Justin Bieber in Australia: Shopping PDA with Selena Gomez, Says He Misses His Mom!

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Justin Bieber in AustraliaAnd he's not ready for a baby either! Is Selena Gomez following Justin Bieber around the world? It pretty much seems that way!

The couple recently landed in Sydney, Australia via private jet. Swaggy. The Biebs is in town to promote his latest album, Believe, and Selena joined him for the ride!

While in the land down under, Justin and Selena were spotted out and about, holding hands, at a local shopping mall. Looking totally in love, fans followed them everywhere!

Don't get excited for a Selena/Bieber baby any time soon, when Justin stopped by a local, Sydney, radio station, he said he's not ready for a baby at all. He admitted, "I was definitely an accident."

He also found time during that visit to answer a phone call from his mom Pattie. Admitting she's not only his mom but his friend too, Justin wasn't hesitant to tell his mama that he misses her! Awww!

Peep the videos above to see which actor Justin is making a basketball movie with!

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