Meet Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones: How Do Chicken Wings Fit Into Her Training Regime?

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Five things you need to know about her before the London Games begin! With the Summer Olympic Games just nine, yes, nine days away from kicking off in London--you may be able to tell that we are just a little excited here at Cambio.

Last week we introduced you to gymnast Gabrielle Douglas and yesterday you met swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Today we're psyched to help you get to know Track and Field star Laurie "Lolo" Jones who's expected to do big things with her specialty event--the 60 and 100 meter hurdles. Lolo was favored to win the 100 meter hurdles in the 2008 games in Beijing. But, she tripped on the penultimate hurdle and ended up finishing in seventh place.

The devastating loss didn't stop her from going on to win a gold at the World Indoor Championship in 2010 OR keep on training to make the team for the 2012 games. Lolo's story is what the Olympics are all about--strength, focus and persevering against the odds!

And so, here are five things you may not know about one of the stand out members of Team USA!

1. Call Her Lolo. While Lori is what appears on her birth certificate, she's been going by Lolo pretty much since the day she was born. Because she was named after her mother, she started going by Lolo to make it less confusing for people calling on the phone.

2. Saving Herself. For marriage that is. Lolo is a devout Christian and at 29-years-old, she's very clear that she is saving her virginity for her husband.

3. No Deprivation Here. Lolo tries to eat well to maintain peak performance--especially when she's in training. Her diet is filled with lots of fish, chicken and oatmeal. But, her once-a-week splurge? That would be chicken wings!

4. A Southern Girl. Lolo went to school at Louisiana State University and still lives in Baton Rouge. Whenever she needs to take her mind off training, she loves heading to New Orleans to walk around the city and look at artwork.

5. Always on Track. Lolo has known she was fast since elementary school. The other kids would get so tired of her beating them during recess! They would give up and go play kickball while Lolo kept on running laps!

What inspires you most about Lolo?



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