Sam Claflin Could Be Catching Fire's Finnick Odair! Find Out Why He'd Love to Work with Katniss

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If you saw Snow White and the Huntsman, then you know that Sam Claflin is hot and can hold his own in an action packed movie.

So with rumors flying around that he could be the front runner to play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire--we couldn't be more pleased. He really embodies the District Four tribute who wields a mean trident with his good looks and buff physique.

In fact, Sam has already alluded to wanting to book more action packed movies like Snow White and the Huntsman because he loves co-starring with strong leading ladies.

Sam says he loved working with Kristen Stewart in SWATH because it was a "very physical role and she brought a lot of energy and dedication to it."

And Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss is about as physical it gets!

Do you agree that Sam is right for Finnick?

Do You Want Sam Claflin to Play Finnick in Catching Fire?
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Definitely not97 (48.3%)
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