Alex Clare: Meet the Musician Behind that Catchy Commercial Tune

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Meet Alex Clare...A musician, chef, tour guide, and Indiana Jones wannabe?! Alex ClareWe were lucky enough to snag some time with Alex Clare during his press tour in Los Angeles last week and we learned a lot about the London born singer!

You might not have heard his name but chances are you've heard his hit 'Too Close' on an Internet Explorer ad. (Listen below.)

Alex said the first time he saw the commercial was at the cinema Hunger Games with friends.

"I turned around to the people behind me and said 'You hear this, this is me."

"Too Close" is actually Alex's favorite song to perform on tour, and says "hearing the crowd sing it back to you is brilliant."

The Lateness of the Hour, his latest album, took two years to write and record before being released this past May. He describes his sound as 'musically diverse.'

Alex taught himself how to play not only piano and guitar, but also the ukulele. He explains his desire to learn the ukulele after seeing the Steve Martin film, The Jerk.

"He's walking along the beach playing this Patience and Prudence song 'Tonight You Belong With Me.' I just thought it was such a cute song and I had to learn it."

Alex heads back on the road July 31st, playing in his hometown of London.

In addition to music, his second passion is cooking, as he's currently studying to be a Poissonnier. When asked what the best dish to impress a girl was: "If you can cook anything relatively well, she'll be impressed that you actually take the effort and time to make something for her. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it tastes okay and looks okay, I think she'll be blown away."

Alex continued that it's really a two way street.

"I think it's the same for boys as well. A girl cooks for a boy a nice meal, it's lovely. It's so nice to be fed by someone."


1. Dream career is to be Indiana Jones!

2. Just finished working with a London band called Rudimental.

3. The last movie he saw in theater was 'The Hunger Games.'

4. He'd love to hug Stevie Wonder.

5. He doesn't own a TV.



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