How Cool is Nicki Minaj? 'Ice Age' Cold! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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We asked Nicki which animals some other celebs would be! Can you guess which one she picked for Justin Bieber?

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By now you know that Nicki Minaj voices a character in the new Ice Age movie, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift!

Nicki plays Steffie, a woolly mammoth, alongside a star-studded cast, including fellow new voices to the Ice Age family--Drake, Jennifer Lopez and Heather Morris.

Nicki told us that she thinks her little brother's favorite character will probably be "Ethan," voiced by her friend Drake!

Nicki also dished on who she thinks is the funniest member of the cast--Wanda Sykes!

"She is a riot. We were laughing with tears coming out of your eyes every time she said something. She unbelievable...I've always loved her and this just made me love her even more," said Nicki.

As this movie is called Ice Age: Continental Drift and Miss Minaj is a world traveler, we wanted to know Nicki's favorite continent to visit. Her answer? South Africa! (Even though she hasn't been there quite yet!)

"I believe in my heart that it will be my favorite once I go. Every time I turn around South African fans are hitting me up on Twitter and saying 'You have to come here!' I'm really looking forward to going there. It's a long time coming, they've kind of been following me since my mix tape days."

Nicki hits the road on a headlining arena tour this summer and fall, but she says she still wants to make time for more acting soon!

"Acting is definitely one of my loves and I don't want to forget about it, so you will probably be seeing me doing an acting role in the very near future."

Nicki Minaj in Ice Age 4
Since Nicki plays a mammoth in the movie, we just had to ask her what animals she thought some other celebrities would be.

Nicki said Justin Bieber would be a baby bear, Rihanna would be a sexy giraffe and Lil' Wayne would be a laughing hyena!

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