Happy 20th Birthday Selena Gomez!

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Selena GomezWhat do you think Justin will get her? Selena Gomez isn't a teen anymore! Today is her 20th birthday!

She's been up to a lot this past year from touring, singing with Taylor Swift, releasing her own fragrance to dating Justin Bieber...this list could go on and on.

There hasn't been any talk yet about her big, birthday plans but we're sure there's some awesome planned.

Last year she didn't do anything too spectacular.
Her mother had a small party and she went out for dinner with her family. Justin didn't make that birthday celebration, he was out of town!

So, what do you think she'll do this year to celebrate? She hasn't mentioned anything on Twitter yet but we're pretty sure Justin's going to be there this year...they were just spotted together in Australia last week!

He's known to take her out on some pretty extravagant dates, so you know he's got something special up his sleeve for her birthday!

With or without the Biebs, we just hope she has an awesome day!

Happy birthday Selena!

What would you get Selena Gomez for her birthday if you were Justin Bieber?
Bling! Every girl loves jewelry!71 (14.0%)
A new car! We all know he can afford it!68 (13.4%)
A romantic trip!329 (65.0%)
A shopping spree on him!38 (7.5%)

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