Teen Choice Awards: Host Demi Lovato Gets Dissed; Co-Host Kevin McHale Sings One Direction

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What was your favorite part of the Teen Choice Awards opening? The Step Up: Revolution dancers with DJ of the night Pauly D got the party started--but the crowd went CRAZY when hosts Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale took the stage as hosts of the Teen Choice Awards!

What did you guys think of Demi's sky-high pony?

The adorable pair revealed a fun fact! Demi and Kevin actually go way back--they grew up in the same neighborhood in Texas! And totally acted like old friends . . .

First Kevin surprised Demi with special messages from her X Factor judges LA Reid, Britney Spears and of course, Simon Cowell. Simon zinged Demi and actually said she was "annoying, obnoxious, had bad manners, is a brat . . . I could go on for hours but that's what makes her special and I really do love her--a bit."

Demi didn't let it bother her at all. She had her own comeback. "Simon's just old. Isn't used to women in this century being able to say what they want!"

Don't worry, it was all in good fun! But Demi wasn't going to let Kevin off the hook.

She begged him to "audition" for her. At first Kevin said No but Demi had a secret weapon to get him to say Yes. Demi aired a video of Kevin in his former boy band NLT!

And so Kevin did what anyone put on the spot in front of a huge crowd would do.

He agreed to audition and wait for it--sang a little bit of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful!" The crowd sang along (including Kev's Glee co-star Lea Michele who cheered for Kevin).

Think it's safe to say that both Kevin and Demi have the X Factor when it comes to hosting? What do you guys think?



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