Carly Rae Jepsen Reveals Her Celebrity Crush!

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The singer isn't holding back with some big confessions! This is officially the summer of Carly Rae Jepsen!

The "Call Me Maybe" singer not only closed out the Teen Choice Awards last night with her hit song (complete with viral versions playing behind her) but also won BIG! Carly took home the honors for "Breakout Artist" and "Choice Summer Song."

Don't worry, Carly hasn't let any of this go to her head. She's still humble and soaking it all in.

She told Entertainment Tonight that she "always had dream to share music" but never imagined this kind of success and attention.

As for the story behind the "Call Me Maybe" lyrics? Carly actually never went up to a guy and actually gave out her number.

"I'm a shy type in love. I never asked asked a guy for his number in that way . . . I get to live vicariously through music," Carly reveals.

And Carly just LOVES all those video tributes to the hit song. Her favorites include Katy Perry and Cookie Monster's "Share Me Maybe." "Sesame Street?" she says, "Come on--it doesn't get much better than that!"

There's just one thing that Carly still hopes to accomplish.

She wants to meet her celebrity crush John Mayer face to face!

What would you say to your celeb crush if you ever were lucky enough to meet them?

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