Harry Styles: 5 Things You Can Learn About Him From His Twitter

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One of our favorite things to do is to hang out on Twitter.

We follow basically everyone famous and have to admit that the boys of One Direction are some of our favorite tweeters.

We learned these things about 1D's Harry Styles from following him on Twitter!

5. He's a bit clumsy.


4. He might miss school! He recently had a dream about being back in math class!

3. He's quite the golfer!


2. He's adventurous or is definitely not afraid of heights!

1. He supports his friends AND fans!

Is there anything we've missed? What have you learned about Harry from his Twitter account? Let us know!

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See Harry and the rest of the 1D boys as babies in the gallery below!

Gallery | Awww!! One Direction as Babies!

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