Francia Raisa Has Embarrassing Marilyn Monroe-Like Moment on Red Carpet

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Francia RaisaCan you say "embarrassing?" The "Most Embarrassing Moment Ever" award might go to Francia Raisa!

Secret Life of The American Teenager star had quite the O-M-G moment at the Teen Choice Awards last weekend.

While walking the "pink" carpet and posing for photos, Francia did her best Marilyn Monroe when a gust of wind came in and made the front of her dress go up!

Not expecting it at all, Francia tried to hold down her pink, mini dress after it went flying up but failed. Mother nature totally exposed her black, boyshort-type undies!

She didn't freak out too much and just laughed it off. But from her facial expression, you could tell she was mortified.

All we have to say is, thank goodness she didn't pull "a Britney" that night!

Francia later went to Twitter to send out a photo of the mishap and to tweet about it too.

What would you have done if you were Francia?
Laughed it off like she did!72 (88.9%)
Ran far, far away!7 (8.6%)
Cried!2 (2.5%)

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