Meet Teen Olympian Missy Franklin (Swimming): This Record Breaking Star Loves Justin Bieber and One Direction!

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Most teenagers spend the summer before their senior year of applying to college, hanging out with friends and enjoying that one last burst of freedom. Missy Franklin has slightly different plans. This 17-year-old is in London to swim in the Olympics!

She'll have quite the "what I did over my summer vacation" essay to write when she gets back to school, right?

So, as we here at Cambio continue our countdown to the games (just THREE days to go until the Opening Ceremonies), Missy is definitely one teen member of Team USA that you have to get to know better!

1. Like you, Missy can't get enough of Justin Bieber and One Direction

2. Unlike most Olympic athletes, Missy has no plans to go pro or get sponsors. She wants to swim on her college team (she still has not chosen a school).

3. Her nickname is Missy "the Missile" Franklin and she sure earned it during the Olympic trials when she broke an American record for the 100 meter backstroke--finishing in 58.85 seconds! The record holder before that was famed Olympian swimmer Natalie Coughlin who came in at 58.94!

4. Missy is the first Olympic woman to swim in a whopping seven events in a single Olympic games. She'll be swimming in four individual and three relays.

5. Missy likes to pay it forward and always does small, good deeds before every swim meet.

6. She has a dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Ruger.

7. Missy learned to swim because her mom was afraid of the water and didn't want Missy to have the same phobia!

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