'Awkward' Star Greer Grammer: Why Did Ashley Rickards Slap Her?

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Greer spills on what really happens in between takes! Cambio caught up with Greer Grammer who plays Lissa, everyone's favorite ditz/Jesus lover on Awkward. She had lots to spill about the show and her own love life!

But, first things first! Now, what you see on the show is pretty hilarious already, right? Well, according to Greer is not as funny as what you see in between takes.

"We are praying for a blooper reel to come out," Greer told us. "It's so funny."

The most OMG moment? Just when Ashley Rickards slapped Greed--by accident!

"We were filming a scene where Ashley slaps me and there was a take where her she actually hit me--her hand slipped!" Greer reveals. "She kept apologizing and I just wanted to keep going with the scene!"

Whoa! But Greer wouldn't mind a different type of drama to happen on the set.

Now that Lissa's ex-boyfriend Jake is with Jenna, Greer wants a new love interest for Lissa. And she has personal motives for that plea!

"My own love life is so boring that I live vicariously through my character!" Greer laughs. "When Lissa was dating Jake, I was like, 'Cool! Fake boyfriend!'

Which Awkward guy would you most want as your boyfriend--real or fake?



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