Check Out the Mispronunciation Manual 30-Second Mashup Reel With iJustine!

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There's one week left to enter your best Mispronunciation Manual! There's one week left to do your best Mispronunciation Manual!

Check out the highlights above and vote for your faves here!

To recap: You can win $1000 each month from iJustine for the best craze.

Every four weeks, iJustine will introduce the latest viral craze. Your job? Submit your own creative video clip or photo, mimicking the craze and making it even cooler. The judges will choose a winner for each craze.

This month's craze? The Mispronunciation Manual. It's easy. Just make up your favorite mispronunciation or abbreviation as demonstrated here by iJustine. We bet you mispronounce words all the time. We know we do! We can never remember: "Is it the CAN Film Festival or the CON Film Festival? Such a fancy problem to have!"

It's the perfect summer break from school: Where else can you get rewarded for mispronouncing a word?!?


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