WakeBrothers: Phil and Bob Talk Girlfriends and Share Secrets From Their New Show!

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MTV has another awesome reality addiction premiering this week called WakeBrothers!

The show follows the lives of Wakeboard pros and brothers, Bob and Phil Soven.

Phil was the pro first! Bob followed in his older bro's footsteps two years ago. Not only do they compete against other now, but they also pick on each other too.

"Phil tried out for Jersey Shore, and they turned him down so they gave him this...," joked Bob.

In the relationship department, Phil reveals that he's currently single. Bob has a girlfriend.

Peep the full interview above to see which qualities they prefer in a girl and find out where they'd love to live too!

Don't forget to check out the first episode of WakeBrothers...it premieres on MTV tonight at 11 PM EST!

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