Miley Cyrus: Stalks One Direction's Zayn Malik

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Miley Cyrus recently went to Twitter to admit she totally web stalked One Direction's Zayn Malik with her friends during a sleep over.

LOL! We all know she's engaged to Liam Hemsworth but who says a girl can't have fun with her friends? And plus, it's no secret, Zayn IS a total babe!

Which 1D boy do you web stalk the most? Is it Demi Lovato's man Niall Horan? Or how about Harry Styles?

Which 1D guy do you web-stalk the most?
Zayn309 (39.9%)
Liam66 (8.5%)
Harry196 (25.3%)
Niall137 (17.7%)
Louis66 (8.5%)

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