What Almost Caused Olympian Ryan Lochte to Lose His Gold Medal? Was it Fair?

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The Olympic committee bans the gold medalist from wearing his trademark mouth piece! It was a huge weekend for Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte in London. He took home the first Team USA gold medal in the 400-meter individual medley race.

A race where he even defeated his biggest competitor Michael Phelps. It was a big moment and Ryan had big plans to shine up on the podium when he smiled at the crowd.

Ryan wanted to wear his signature item--a blinged out grill over his teeth. He had a sparkly red, white and blue piece ready to pop on when he accepted his first gold medal. There was just one problem.

The Olympic Committee put their foot down and told Ryan if he chose to wear the grill--they wouldn't give him his gold medal.

Ryan complied but is this fair? Should he be allowed to express himself however he wants?

Should Ryan Lochte Be Able To Wear His Grill on the Olympic Podium?
Yes1 (50.0%)
No1 (50.0%)

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