It's the Bomb: iJustine Shows You How to Enter Cambio's Photobombing Contest!

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Photobomb your way to fame on Cambio, plus pocket $1000! Are you crazing yet?

What are you waiting for? You can win $1000 each month from iJustine for the best craze.

Every four weeks, iJustine will introduce the latest viral craze.

Your job? Submit your own creative photo, illustrating the craze and making it even cooler. The judges will choose a winner for each craze.

This month's craze? Photobombing. It's easy. Just take a pic of an unsuspecting friend or family member and have another friend (or pet, if you have a really smart pet) jump into the frame (or do a funny pet thing) just as they say, "Cheese!"

Check out the awesome examples in the video above.

Upload your photobomb here. Good luck!

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