Snoop Dogg Changing His Name to Snoop Lion: Do We Like?

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The rapper is launching a new sound along with new name! Changing your name once you're an established star is a pretty big deal.

Diddy (or whatever he's going by these days) has been successful under Puff Daddy, Puffy, Sean Combs and P.Diddy.

And now Snoop Dogg is hoping to have the same success.

Snoop's announced that he's changing his name and launching a whole new career.

Say good-bye to rap star Snoop Dogg and hello to reggae star Snoop Lion.

Snoop had a life changing experience during a trip to Jamaica in February.

He felt he was "born again" and is now channeling the spirit of reggae legend Bob Marley.

In fact, Snoop Lion is releasing a reggae album this fall.

What do you think--can he just switch music styles and names and still be a star?

Which name do you like better?
Snoop Dogg647 (81.0%)
Snoop Lion152 (19.0%)

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