Are Katy Perry and John Mayer Dating?

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John Mayer and Katy PerryTake a look at the pics and you decide for yourself! Are they or aren't they?

Katy Perry and John Mayer were recently caught hanging out with each other and ever since then, the dating rumors haven't stopped!

Katy and John enjoyed dinner and left in the same car together that night. See the pics and footage that was taken from their "date" in the video above!

Katy just recently split and divorced Russell Brand while John has been linked to hot celebs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

She doesn't really have a bad dating reputation but John, well, his isn't pretty...just ask Taylor!

We aren't sure how we feel about this but we can see where they'd possibly make a cute couple. It seems like Katy has a type...Russell and John are both "bad boys" and kind of look alike too, don't you think?! And as for John, he obviously loves beautiful, talented women!

So, what are your thoughts on a John/Katy relationship? Do you think they'd make a cute couple? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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