Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Dating: His Grandmother Gives Taylor Full Approval

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Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy dating news has reached a new level--Kennedy family approval!

Taylor and Conor are in the early stages of dating and it sounds like his grandmother, Ethel Kennedy is Team Taylor all the way.

You may recall Taylor being linked with Patrick Schwarzenegger at a Kennedy Fourth of July shindig? She was really with Conor, it turns out.

When Ethel was asked at the Television Critics Association panel if she was responsible for the matchmaking, it turns out she didn't play a part, explaining, "As for my involvement, certainly not. Rory [Kennedy] went to a concert."

Conor's aunt Rory explained, "I went to a concert with my two daughters and that's how it all started. She's a great friend of all of ours. She's awesome and we love her."

Could Taylor join the Kennedy family some day? Ethel said, "We should be so lucky!"

It's the bomb: Check out some hilarious photobombs right here!

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