Miley Cyrus Tweets Photobomb...Is She Too Thin?

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Miley CyrusDo you think Miley's too skinny? We think Miley Cyrus is one of the most beautiful celebs out there, but now she's got us a little worried!

Not only is she obviously super bored these days (she tweets pics like no other!), but she's looking really thin too.

Miley has been subject to speculation about her weight before, but she always insisted she's just a small girl. With her recent Twitpic (above), she's got people talking again, and just like before, they're all worried about her weight!

Her pilates instructor recently defended
Miley's lean look and insisted she's fine and that people need to just chill out!

What do you think, is Miley too thin? Or do you agree with her instructor? Let us know in the poll below or on Facebook and Twitter!

Has Miley gone too far? Is she too skinny?
OMG yes! She needs help!2072 (26.6%)
No, she's just a small girl, leave her alone!2935 (37.7%)
Who cares, it's her body, let her do what she wants!2785 (35.7%)

And look at her adorable dog Ziggy totally photobombing her pic! How cute is he?!

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