Best of the Web: Rubber Bands vs Watermelon

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Can you cut a watermelon with rubber bands? Find out here!

You might remember the urban legend of eating Mentos and Diet Coke to the point
where your stomach might explode?

Well that led to hundreds of videos on the internet of people trying to, umm, rupture their stomachs.

Now, the new viral sensation is using rubber bands to cut through a watermelon. Yep, you read that right!

Can it really be done? Well, the Slow Mo Guys took it upon themselves to not only put this myth to rest, but to do it in HD slow motion!

You can see this beloved summer fruit start to bend right before it explodes from the force!

Not only has this video gone viral across the web but it has also led to many copycats! Plenty have gotten their hands on a watermelon, some rubber bands and twenty minutes to kill and video'd themselves doing it too.

Watch it all go down in the video below!

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Tags: crazes around the web do the craze