Niall Horan: 5 Things You Can Learn About Him From His Twitter

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We follow basically everyone famous on Twitter and have to admit that the boys of One Direction are some of our favorite tweeters.

We've already broken down Liam Payne's Twitter for you and now it's Demi Lovato's favorite 1D boy's turn...Niall Horan!

What's his Twitter say about him?...

5. Niall LOVES the Olympics!

4. He likes to play golf--like Harry!

3. His dad is his hero...awww!

2. He is cool with Justin Bieber!

1. He LOVES his fans and isn't afraid to show it!

Is there anything we've missed? What have you learned about Niall from his Twitter account? Let us know!

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See Niall and the rest of the 1D boys as babies in the gallery below!

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