Exclusive Video: 'Jane By Design's' David Clayton Rogers Proves You 'Can't Play a Sad Song on a Banjo'

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David Clayton Rogers makes a case for why the banjo should be more popular! How cool is it to find out that one of your favorite TV stars has some special hidden talents?

Well, Cambio was so impressed to when Jane by Design star David Clayton Rogers came by our studio and brought along his banjo!

Who knew that the actor was in the same company as Ed Helms, Kermit the Frog and Steve Martin as a star that played the little heard instrument?

David took it upon himself to demonstrate that even the worst news sounds upbeat and happy when told via the banjo.

He showed us how his Jane By Design storyline where the mother who abandoned him comes back into his life is a happy reunion with the banjo playing.

David has a new web series (out now) called H+ about an apocalyptic world where you can access the internet from your brain and could possibly die while doing so. This is much better news with a banjo soundtrack.

And of course David shows how those awkward and uncomfortable events like firing or breaking up with someone is a lot less painful with, you guessed it, the banjo!

What do you think about the banjo? Does this instrument deserve it's due?

It's the bomb: Check out some hilarious photobombs right here!


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