Ryan Lochte Is Single and Totally Wants a Girlfriend!

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Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte is not only one of the best swimmers in the world but he's one of the hottest too!

With his awesome swimming skills and good looks, relationship questions are sure to come up. So with his new found fame, is the 28-year-old ready to settle down with a lovely lady?

E! is reporting that Ryan recently admitted that he's single and is totally ready to be in a relationship!

"I definitely want a relationship, I want to give a certain someone my heart, I just have to find the right girl," he said.


If being an Olympic gold medalist isn't a turn on enough, he's also got a mean U.S.A grill and some pimped out razors too (thanks to his endorsement with Gillette!).

In the words of Justin Bieber...swaggie!

Prepare to see more of Ryan. He plans and hopes to participate in the next Olympics too! See how he did at the 2012 Olympics here!

And, if you had to pick a celeb for Ryan to date, who would it be?... Let us know!

Ryan should date...
Dianna Agron19 (9.9%)
Taylor Swift16 (8.3%)
Demi Lovato22 (11.5%)
Anyone BUT a celebrity!101 (52.6%)
Another athlete!34 (17.7%)

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