The Secret to JWoww and Roger's Success? Compromise: "I Don't Swing at Him," She Promises

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How have Jersey Shore star JWoww and boyfriend Roger Mathews made their relationship work?

Simple. It's about compromise. And a sense of humor.

In this exclusive interview with Jwoww and Roger, the couple shares the secrets of their two-year relationship.

"Being in a relationship is not easy," JWoww explains.

Roger says they have to "work the most at compromise," with JWoww chiming in that he's stubborn!

Roger explains that he's an "alpha male" and "Jenni is very headstrong," so you know there's never a dull moment between these two.

JWoww jokes that she doesn't "swing at him" and they "make a joke" when things get tense.

JWoww talks about Roger's sense of humor, which she says people "need to get used to," including Snooki, who gets annoyed by him!

Both share what they love about each other (it's sweet!). Roger explains, "I think I love her drive. She's very motivated, very independent."

JWoww adds, "I love Roger's loyalty, very trustworthy, intelligent and a workaholic."

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