'Married to Jonas': Even Kevin and Danielle Jonas' Dog is Excited for the Show!

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Are you excited to watch the Married to Jonas series premiere?


Married to Jonas is almost here... can you wait for the premiere on August 19?

Neither can we!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas have been busy promoting their new reality series and building excitement on Twitter as we count down to Married to Jonas.

Kevin explains the show to People.com, saying, "Danielle and I are out here in New Jersey, trying to be domestic. You'll get to know her big, Italian family and who the characters are. And you'll get a look into the lives of my family."

He also says they're "very honest," explaining, "What you're seeing is what you get. We're not putting anything on for cameras or anything like that. You have to be open and free. [Camera crews] were just a part of our life and what was going on here."

The other day Kevin tweeted that even their dog is excited about the show, writing: "Riley is excited for @marriedtojonas are you? its right around the corner!"

See Riley Jonas' excitement below. So cute.

It's the bomb: Check out some hilarious photobombs and vote for your faves right here!

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